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University Communications

A 16'x8' backlit banner greets travelers as they head toward the luggage carousel at Bradley International Airport, reminding them that students can go anywhere from the state's flagship university.

The "Sixth Borough" campaign leverages UConn's proximity to New York City to stake our claim as a presence in the metropolitan area.

The redesigned, responsive UConn Admissions website highlights the full UConn experience through bold images and videos. It provides prospective students the information they need while illuminating what it's like to be part of UConn Nation.

Through a microsite and a series of national print and web ads, the "We Get It" campaign told aspirational stories of our scientific breakthroughs.

With UConn Magazine's latest redesign, we doubled the size and increased the frequency of our alumni periodical, making it an even better way for UConn Nation to stay connected.

The University home page combines video functionality and a cleaner interface to deliver an effective user experience. Our improved digital presence showcases the UConn brand and helps attract top-quality prospective students and faculty, while engaging alumni and donors.

UConn has made a splash with prominent ads in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal that tout UConn's exponential strides toward changing the world.

University Communications produces the compelling suite of materials prospective students receive. These pieces serve to inform and engage, helping UConn attract students of the highest caliber.

UConn's Brand Experts

Strategic marketing is a primary function of University Communications. We serve as UConn's brand experts, creating materials and websites that promote the University through standout design and stellar copy. We ensure that all pieces that come through our office are consistent both visually and in messaging, shaping UConn's look, tone, and voice.

Institutional Branding

We help give meaning to the UConn brand. Whether we're creating signature work, such as the University's website,, or posters and postcards to promote events, our marketing professionals put careful thought into the concept, message, wording, photography, and design. Behind the scenes, our marketing professionals develop the strategies that guide communications for our own department and others University-wide. Then, we implement those strategies through ad campaigns, websites, print materials, photography, signage, and social media, ensuring that every piece tells the UConn story. In the past year, our marketing professionals launched nearly 100 new websites and produced more than 450 designed projects.

Undergraduate Recruitment

University Communications supports the enrollment management goals of the University by producing tools that inform and attract top students during each step of the admissions process. High school students receive a barrage of recruitment materials. Our marketing team makes sure UConn's stand out among the rest, staying current with fresh images, design, and information; commanding attention; and encouraging students to learn more, apply, and accept an offer of admission. Learn more and apply at

UConn Magazine

Our office supports the efforts of UConn Alumni and the UConn Foundation in several key ways. Most significantly, the University's triannual alumni publication, UConn Magazine, reaches roughly 200,000 alumni and friends of the University. The magazine features engaging, in-depth stories about alumni, faculty, and students while keeping readers informed about major University initiatives and cutting-edge research innovations.