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University Communications

Protecting and Enhancing the UConn Brand

The mission of the Office of Brand Partnerships and Trademark Management within University Communications is to strengthen and protect the reputation and brand of UConn while maximizing our value through trademark licensing, corporate sponsorships, and strategic partnerships.

Brand Partnerships

We leverage UConn's brand, assets, spending power, and market presence to optimize revenue, reduce spending, and enhance operations and academics for the benefit of the University and its students. Relationships with brand partners such as Barnes & Noble College and The Coca-Cola Company are executed in collaboration with UConn Athletics, the UConn Foundation, UConn Heath, and other stakeholders.

Trademark Licensing

We ensure the proper use and application of the University of Connecticut's trademarks. Our trademarks are strengthened through relationships with retailers, licensees, campus departments, student organizations, alumni, and fans that also generate revenue to fund academic and athletic scholarships. Approximately 5,000 requests are reviewed annually, providing the opportunity to educate the UConn community and third parties on policies, procedures, and best practices.

Trademark Protection

We oversee UConn's trademark portfolio by maintaining filings and processing new registrations for all federally registered trademarks and service marks. We perform regular audits of the portfolio to ensure our marks are protected appropriately and engage in enforcement actions when required. Our office is the point of contact with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and consults with the Office of the General Counsel and outside counsel as needed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In order to broaden UConn's corporate social responsibility efforts both internally and externally, we serve as the University liaison to the Worker Rights Consortium, Fair Labor Association, and other human rights advocacy groups on behalf of the President's Office. We manage the operation of the President's Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and host academic interns focused on corporate social responsibility, human rights, and sport management and corporate partnerships.